5 Holiday Decorating Trends This Year 2023

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While the festive season is steeped in tradition, there’s still room for current trends—especially when it comes to how you decorate your home for the holidays. In recent years, we’ve seen everything from hygge-inspired decor with an emphasis on twinkly lights and ample coziness to more minimalist approaches to the holidays.

To track this year’s rising trends, we tapped some of our favorite sources and expert authorities to share what holiday trends will be everywhere this year, from decorations that are kitschy and vintage to menorahs that feel minimalistic and chic.

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Merry Christmas Banner Decor for Home Hanging

The Return of ‘Kitsch’

Good news for anyone who’s been stashing their grandparents’ old holiday faves: this year, vintage is in.

“I’m most surprised by the increasing interest in more ‘kitschy’ decor items,” Mark Feldman of Riverbend Home, shares with us. “Items reminiscent of the knickknacks in your grandmother’s breakfront are coming back in style”

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Christmas Rattan Star Treetop With Spring Support

To get the look, Feldman suggests trying retro, over-the-top, eccentric, and even wacky decor pieces “They are in high demand this season, including kitschy Santa decor and villages,” he explains.

Etsy sellers have noticed a similar rise in vintage kitsch—especially when it comes to decorating your kitchen for the holidays. According to the company’s latest trend report, “Shoppers have fallen in love with all things nostalgic, and in particular, retro kitchen accessories are having a major moment: there has been an 85% increase in searches for vintage mixing bowls, a 26% increase in searches for retro decor, and a 14% increase in searches for vintage Pyrex.”

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45x45cm Merry Christmas Pillowcase

Winter Whites with Pops of Natural Inspo

While kitsch is on the rise, Feldman notes that neutrals and nature-inspired tones are, too—and they serve as a great base to make your decor pop. 

2023 New Year Christmas Decoration Stickers for Home Outdoor Window Snowman Wreath Xmas New Year Door
Outdoor Window Snowman Wreath Xmas New Year Decoration

 “This year, neutrals are on the rise, so we’re going back to the basics with winter whites, classic creams, and muted earth tones,” Feldman tells us. “Those who love color need not fret—instead of bold reds, pinks, and more (to go along with the neutrals) we’re seeing a lot of subtle greens similar to emerald jewel tones and shades that appear in nature.”

Etsy has noticed a similar rise in nature-inspired elements this season, specifically noting an increase in searches for nature and forest-inspired home decor. “To make this dark, moody, and magical story come to life, combine rich tones like emerald green and midnight blue, with festive, shimmery touches—inspired by the iridescent wings of luna moths and beetles,” the brand suggests.

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Christmas Decorative LED Simulated Flame Cartoon Candle Lamp 

Gnomes Are Taking Over

If you’re looking for a festive figure to weave into your theme, move out of the way, angels, reindeer, and nutcrackers—“Gnomes seem to be taking over, especially the Santa or winter-themed ones,” Feldman reveals. “We’ve even said they could even be the new Elf on a Shelf.”

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Christmas Tree Ornaments Garland

Online retailer Christmas Tree World discovered the same thing this year, noting in their latest Christmas trend report, “Christmas gnomes are the biggest decoration trend of 2022, with 9.5 million TikTok views and more than 540,800 Google searches. These sweet ornaments are often adorned in Christmas-like attire and can be placed on the Christmas tree or on top of the mantlepiece to add a bit of fun to your decor.”

Artificial Florals

When it comes to tablescapes, Feldman says that you can skip the pricey, fresh bouquet. “Artificial floral arrangements are a must-have, more low-maintenance item to put at the center of the table,” he shares.

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Christmas Red Berry Articifial Flower

If placed upon a neutral base, Feldman says to work from the inside out. “Coordinate the plates, napkins, and glassware according to the color scheme of the bouquet and you’ll be good to go. You can always add accents like candles and napkin rings to play up a theme.”

Small Trees for Smaller Spaces

While a lot of Christmas decor can feel overwhelmingly grand, the rising trend of tiny living means holiday embellishments are following suit.

1PCS LED Mini Christmas Tree 15 20 25 30CM Warm Light Colored Lights Small Christmas Tree
Colored Lights LED Mini Christmas Tree Decorations For Home

“In smaller homes, it’s important to utilize vertical wall space, corners, and anywhere else that’s typically hard to get to, so maximize your space this year with a half-wall or corner tree,” Feldman says. “The smaller the tree, the fewer ornaments you’ll need and the more you can play with curating a unique and different theme. Smaller trees also make great secondary trees for outdoor areas, kids’ rooms, or other areas throughout the home.”

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