Why Buddha Paintings are a Should-have for your Home?

Retro Religion Buddhism Canvas Painting Golden Buddha State Wall Art Posters Print Pictures for Temple Room

Home is the place where our soul rests, where we spend our leisure time far from the pressure of targets and outer-world hustle. It is one zone where people rejuvenate themselves by relaxing and performing tasks that interest them. This is why there are so many people that are spending millions of dollars to design the interior of their homes with spectacular artworks and inventive ways.

3 Panels Large Buddha Face Wall Art Canvas Painting Modern Buddhism Wall Art Canvas Prints Modular
3 Panels Large Buddha Face Wall Art Canvas Painting Modern Buddhism Wall Art

Especially, when it comes to hanging paintings in your home, there are always so many options. If you love art, you may want to hang an extraordinary traditional painting that is both mesmerising and carries the cultural heritage of our great nation. Or you may want to stupefy your home with something contemporary to feel the pace of the modern world.

5 Pieces Buddha Golden Face Modular Wall Art Canvas Painting Poster Modern Art for Living Room
5 Pieces Buddha Golden Face Modular Wall Art

A lot of Indian art lovers are inclined towards religious paintings; artworks that depict the portraits or life events of the deities. Some of the popular religious paintings are of Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Durga, Kali, etc.

Out of these, Lord Buddha, the enlightened ascetic, is another popular subject matter amongst artists. Pictures of Buddha paintings are a common sight for Indian people in offices, restaurants, coffee houses, hotels, homes, etc. The penetration of pictures of Buddha paintings is quite deep in Indian culture.

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Modern Buddha Head Canvas Painting Black and White Wall Art

With its root sourcing from Hinduism, Buddhism is one of the major religions that exist in India. This makes Gautam Buddha photos, paintings, and artworks popular here. Artists while drawing Buddha face on a sculpture, artefact or painting make sure to keep the calmness and serenity intact.

After all, the legendary tales of Buddha tell us how he attained the ultimate nirvana despite having all worldly comforts.

Today, every renowned art museum and studios house collections based on this theme or you can explore some Buddha paintings online and even take a virtual tour of the gallery.

Along with India, the paintings and artefacts of Buddha are also popular in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Japan, etc. But what is so mesmerising about these pieces? Will you ever put Lord Buddha paintings in your home?

Let’s unfold the characteristics of Gautam Buddha that attract artists across the world to represent this sage in every artwork around.

The charm of Buddha

Born in a palace, with King Suddhodana as Father, as a successor to the kingdom of Kapilavatthu (Nepal), he was named Siddhartha.

With all the worldly pleasure at its feet, Siddhartha was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. When he was born, it was predicted that the child will be either an impeccable ruler or an amazing ascetic who will rule the heart of people with ecstatic teachings.

The king became conscious and kept Siddhartha in the palace for the first 29 years. By that time, Siddhartha was married and had a kid. However, no walls are strong enough to stop a man to reach his destiny.

One fine day, Siddhartha escaped palace to get around and see what is going on in the outer-world. This was the first time Siddhartha got out of his palace and this sole travel changed his entire life.

On that day Siddhartha witnessed 4 sights; one old man, a man who is sick, a dead body, and an ascetic. The first three sights were painful for Siddhartha as he never had seen such troubles of life. It made him sad and he thought “What’s the purpose of life if there is so much suffering?”

When he saw an ascetic, he was mesmerised by the intensity, dedication, and concentration with which the sage was submerged in his meditation.

Siddhartha left his home, his wife, and his kid, in search of enlightenment. He tried everything, from fasting vigorously to trying the arduous and painful methods of Aghori’s, but found nothing.

Soon, Siddhartha realized that you can’t reach enlightenment if you would continue hurting your body. So he regained his health and started meditating again.

It was not until Siddhartha was 35, when he sat in meditation under a Bodhi tree for several days, despite constant attempts of external and internal forces, he finally realised the truth.

Gautama (Family name of Siddhartha) remained into the transcendence for many days. But when he returned, he began to disseminate the eternal truth of life and the secret to getting out of the cycle of life and death.

Black Meditating Buddha Statue Wall Art Canvas Prints Canvas Art Paintings on The Wall Buddhism Pictures 1
Black Meditating Buddha Statue Wall Art Canvas

This lead to the spread of Buddhism, which was majorly done by King Asoka, after 300 years of Gautama’s death. The title Buddha (meaning the ‘enlightened’ one) was given to Gautama by his disciples.

So why Buddha Artworks are ideal for home?

As said, your home is the place you want your soul and body to tranquilize. So, artworks that bring placidity and imperturbation are ideal to adorn the home space.

A lot of people in India also look for Vastu Shastra paintings and vastu photo frames. Lord Buddha pictures and artworks are also considered equally effective for vastu shashtra purpose.

It is believed that pictures of Buddha paintings and artworks bring peace and bliss in the aura of your home. That is why a lot of artists are drawing Buddha face in their contemporary artefacts, sculptures, and paintings because people demand such pieces a lot.

Abstract Canvas Painting Posters Buddha Lord Oil Painting Religious Style Printing Wall Art Picture for Living
Abstract Buddha Lord Oil Painting Religious Style Printing Wall Art 

When it comes to streamlining the vastu shastra house entrance of your home, Buddha pictures and artefacts are best. In fact, the “Laughing Buddha” artefact and paintings are considered to bring good luck to people. However, it is very important that you are careful about Gautam Buddha painting vastu so that you do not weigh down its positive energy.

3 Panels Buddha Statue Canvas Paintings Abstract Buddha Wall Art Canvas Prints Buddhism Posters Modular Pictures 1
3 Panels Buddha Statue Abstract Canvas Paintings Wall Art

Even in the abstract and modern paintings, Gautam Buddha photos or depiction is quite common. Shuffling and going through an assortment of the best images of Lord Buddha, you would surely find the paintings that are otherwise abstract or contemporary but have Buddha face as the point of focus.

Mainly, these paintings and images of Gautam Buddha represent the perfect contentment that our soul seeks in otherwise today’s bustling world. 

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Modern Buddhism Wall Art Canvas Painting
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