10 Wall art styles you should know before decorating your home

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What are Wall art styles?

Wall art styles are the various approaches to decorating with art in the home. These can range from traditional pieces such as paintings, to more modern prints and 3D pieces such as sculptures. Wall art can be used to express personal style, to highlight architectural features of the space, or to simply make a room more inviting. Common wall art styles include abstract art, contemporary art, pop art, street art, and even photography.

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Abstract art

Abstract art is an art form that does not represent or depict any recognizable physical objects or subjects. It is focused on the use of colors, shapes, lines and forms to create a composition that may appear to be expressive, emotional, or even visually pleasing. Abstract art seeks to communicate the artist’s emotions and thoughts through the use of abstract elements.

Contemporary art

Contemporary art is an art form that emerged in the late 20th century and has since flourished in the 21st century. It is distinguished by its focus on current trends, creative experimentation, and its use of materials, techniques, and approaches which are both modern and progressive. This can include everything from paintings, sculptures, digital art, installations, performance art, and even video art. Contemporary art reflects the current state of the world, often addressing issues such as politics, culture, and social justice.

Nordic wall art is a type of contemporary art originating in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden). It is characterized by simple, minimalist and often abstract designs that emphasize the beauty of the natural environment. Popular mediums used in Nordic wall art include painting, digital art, photography, sculpture, and prints. Nordic wall art often reflects the region’s strong connection to nature, which is reflected in its use of muted colors and minimalist forms.

Modern art

Modern art refers to artwork that emerged during the mid-19th century, up to the 1970s. Modern art includes movements like Expressionism, Surrealism, and Cubism. In contrast, Contemporary art is more focused on current trends and approaches that have emerged in the late 20th century and is still being explored today.

Pop art

Pop art is an art movement that emerged in the 1950s in Britain and the United States. It is characterized by its bright colors, imagery from popular culture (including advertisements, comic books, and celebrities), and its use of clever and witty statements. Pop art is often seen as a commentary on consumer culture and the celebrity lifestyles of the day. Its use of bold colors and instantly recognizable images make it a popular choice for those looking to add an eye-catching element to their walls.

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Famous American Actress Pop Art Set Poster Fashion Sexy Printmaking

Street art

Street art is an art movement rooted in graffiti and often features bold messages or visuals. It typically has its origins in a political or social message, often aiming to challenge the status quo. Street art is often seen in public spaces, as well as galleries, and can be explored in urban environments around the world. It is characterized by its use of vibrant colors, often in the form of murals or stencils, as well as its incorporation of symbols, iconography, and even text.

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Photography is an art form where images are captured and preserved permanently using light-sensitive media. Photography captures moments and memories that are not easily forgotten. It can be used creatively to create visual statements or be used for documentation for commercial or scientific purposes. There are many different types of photography, including landscape, portrait, product, event, macro, and lifestyle photography.


Sculpture is the art of making three-dimensional objects from a variety of materials. Sculpture can range from small, intricate pieces to large, outdoor works of art. Different materials are used to create sculptures, such as wood, metal, clay, stone, and other found objects. The most famous sculptors throughout history have used these materials to create stunning works of art.


Murals are a form of art typically painted directly on a wall, ceiling, or other large surface. They can be painted using a variety of paints and materials, such as acrylics, oils, graphite, and even spray paint. Murals can be used to express ideas, stories, or even dreams. They are often used to beautify and add color to a room or public space. Murals can also be used to tell the story of a culture or people through art, illustration, and design.

Wall Tapestries

Wall tapestries are finely woven pieces of art designed to hang on the wall as decoration. They are made using a variety of fabrics, fibers, and techniques. Wall tapestries can be used to bring color and texture to a room, as well as adding interest to a wall. These pieces can be vintage or contemporary, small or large, and can be used to express creativity, culture, or design.

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Large Macrme Tapestry Indoor Wall Hanging Tassel Boho Decor


Wallpapers are a decorative material used to cover the walls of a room or building. Wallpapers come in a variety of styles and textures, and can be made out of paper, fabric, or vinyl materials. Wallpapers can bring a room alive with color, texture, and pattern, and can be used to express individual style and creativity. Depending on the wallpaper, it can be easily installed and removed, making it a great choice for wall decoration.

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Photo Wallpaper Modern Hand-painted Tropical Plant Leaves Flowers And Birds Murals
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