15 Fun and Funky Wall Decor Ideas for Kids Rooms

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Need a fun and easy way to add more character to your kids’ room? Look no further than wall decor! Not only does it quickly liven up the room, but it also provides an opportunity to change the overall look and feel of the decor as your child grows and their interests change. There are endless possibilities to choose from when it comes to wall decor themes and designs, making it easy to create a personalized and unique space for your little one.

Here are some of the top fun and funky wall decor ideas to help you elevate your child’s room:

1. Glow in the Dark Wall Decor

– Add an extra element of fun to the room with wall decor that glows in the dark. Choose from classic stars, the moon, and planets or more playful options like fairies, constellations, fireflies, monsters, dinosaurs, cats, and butterflies.

407 PCS Luminous Dot Living Room Children s Room Decoration Fluorescent Wall Stickers Home Wallpaper Bedroom
Luminous Dot Living Room Children’s Room Decoration Fluorescent Wall Stickers – Wall Decor Ideas for Kids Rooms

2. Animal and Jungle Inspired Wall Decor

– For animal lovers, create a jungle or animal-themed decor with designs featuring safari animals, monkeys, giraffes, and dinosaurs. Not only do these designs add charm to the room, but they also help children learn about different animals.

Wall Decor Ideas for Kids Rooms
3D Photo Wallpaper Hand Painted Cute Animal Flowers Elk Giraffe Kindergarten Boys Bedroom Children Room Decoration Mural –

3. Floral Wall Decor

– Add some color and delicacy to the bedroom with floral wall decor. Choose from roses, cherry blossoms, dandelions, sunflowers, and more. Pink flowers are perfect for creating a dreamy and delicate feel, or mix it up with multi-color floral designs.

Animals Canvas Poster Custom Name Wall Art Deer Fox Art Prints Flower Bunny Print Picturesnursery Posters 2
Animals Canvas Poster Custom Name Wall Art Deer Fox Art Prints Flower Bunny Print – Wall Decor Ideas for Kids Rooms

4. Adventure Maps Wall Decor

– Inspire a sense of wanderlust in your child with adventure map-inspired decor. Let your child’s imagination wander as they learn about different countries, cultures, and geographies.

5. Wall Decor with Inspirational Quotes

– Inspire your child with their favorite quotes or choose inspiring quotes from world leaders and scientists. Calvin ‘n’ Hobbes or Winnie the Pooh strips also make great additions to the room.

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Cartoon Rabbit Superheroes Canvas Painting Nordic Posters and Prints Wall Art – Wall Decor Ideas for Kids Rooms

6. Space Themed Wall Decor

– Fuel your child’s fascination with space and astronomy with space-themed decor. Create a room focused on rockets, planets, spaceships, and space suits or opt for space-themed loft or bunk beds.

Abstract Cat Astronaut Canvas Painting Funny Kitty Posters and Prints for Kidsroom Living Room Home Decor 1
Abstract Cat Astronaut Canvas Painting Funny Kitty – Wall Decor Ideas for Kids Rooms

7. Height Chart Wall Decor

– Make use of your child’s growth with height chart wall decor. Choose from classic black and white ruler designs or animal-themed designs.

8. Birds, Butterflies, and Bee Wall Decor

– Bring nature indoors with wall decor featuring birds, butterflies, and bees. Metallic or mirror designs are perfect for older children, while colorful ladybugs, dragonflies, and birds are ideal for toddlers and preschoolers.

15 Fun and Funky Wall Decor Ideas for Kids Rooms
3d Crystal Butterfly Wall Sticker Beautiful Butterflies Art Decals Home Decor Stickers Wedding Decoration On The Wall – Wall Decor Ideas for Kids Rooms

9. Under the Sea Wall Decor

– Create an underwater world with wall decor featuring designs of shells, seahorses, fish, whales, dolphins, octopus, mermaids, and Nemo.

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Dolphins Waves Hawaii Pacific Ocean Canvas Print

10. Superhero Themed Wall Decor

– Inspire your child’s inner superhero with wall decor featuring Captain America, Hulk, Batman, Iron Man, Superman, and Spiderman. Matching cushions, beddings, pillows, light fixtures, and furniture are also available.

11. Cars Wall Decor

– For car lovers, add car-themed wall decor to create a timeless obsession. Car beds are a popular choice to enhance the room.

12. Unicorns and Rainbows Wall Decor

– Bring fantasy and dreaminess into your child’s room with unicorn and rainbow-themed wall decor.

13. Disney Wall Decor

– Create a magical world with wall decor featuring your child’s favorite Disney characters like Mickie and Minnie, Elsa, Anna, Aurora, and Rapunzel.

14. Educational Wall Decor

– Make learning engaging with educational wall decor featuring numbers, shapes, colors, the solar system, the world map, multiplication table, and more.

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Whale shark Ocean Animals Numbers Quote Nursery Wall Art Canvas Painting Nordic Posters And Prints – Wall Decor Ideas for Kids Rooms

15. Photo Frame Wall Decor

– Combine wall decor and photo frames to create a unique and personalized space. Choose from designs inspired by nature, trains, and transportation, marker-friendly, 3D, and acrylic versions.

image 9
Funny Colorful Letters Quotes Canvas Painting Brothers Grow Up Poster and Print Wall Art  – Wall Decor Ideas for Kids Rooms

In conclusion, wall decor offers endless possibilities to add more fun and creativity to your child’s room. From glow in the dark designs to educational decor, there’s something for every child’s imagination. So, get creative and find the perfect wall decor to elevate your child’s bedroom today!

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