13 Wallpaper Trends Must Try in 2023

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As we’ve seen with 2023 color trends, things are warming up. Minimalism and all-gray-everything are becoming a thing of the past, and in their place, bolder colors and bigger patterns are taking hold. It’s no surprise that with this change, wallpaper is having a major moment. 

We turned to the experts to ask which trends they see taking center stage when it comes to papering our walls in 2023.

13 Wallpaper Trends Must Try in 2023
3D mural retro flower bird Self Adhesive wallpaper

1. Using Wallpaper as Art

Chinese Style Mural Wallpaper 3D Hand Painted Flowers And Birds Wall Painting Living Room TV Sofa
Chinese Style Mural Wallpaper 3D Hand Painted Flowers And Birds

Jill Elliott, the founder of Color Kind Studio, shared her wallpaper trends expertise with us. Her top prediction? Wallpaper will double as art in 2023.“I love seeing all the artists coming into the home space, including using wallpaper as a medium,” Elliott shares. “Their unique use of color and expression adds so much personality—what better way to live with art than on an entire wall or room?”Lizzie McGraw, the owner of Tumbleweed & Dandelion and author of Creative Style, agrees. “We are seeing a lot more mural wallpapers,” she notes. “It’s such a great idea to take a picture you love and craft your own wallpaper.”

2. Going for Neutrals (With a Twist)

Designers agree that neutrals will never go away, nor should they. But, Elliott says that when it comes to wallpaper, we’re likely to see them with a twist in 2023.

Custom 3D Wall Murals Wallpaper Luxury Golden Embossed Flower Leaves Modern Living Room Dining Room Background
3D Wall Murals Wallpaper Luxury Golden Embossed Flower Leaves

“Neutrals are never going out of style, but especially in 2023, I see tinted pastels or soft taupes mixed with something just slightly different,” she explains. “They add a calm sophistication to a space.”

3. Trying Large-Scale Wallpaper Designs

Say goodbye to one-dimensional, boring walls. Donna Gariepy of Aspen & Ivy tells us that wallpaper is not only making a comeback, but is enhancing walls with murals and oversized bold prints. “Geometric wall accents, paint blocking, and different textual wall features are also being used to add dimension to an otherwise boring wall,” she explains.

Designer Jennifer Hunter agrees. “I see more color and bolder, statement wallpapers for 2023,” she says. “Clients are becoming more inclined to add more color to their bedrooms, but I love wallpaper in any space. It adds a dimension that you cannot attain with paint.”

4. Adding Tropical Touches

While biophilic designs made a major comeback in 2022, Majid Maleki of Insert Design says we’ll see them with a tropical twist in 2023.

“Next year is all about incorporating fresh, vibrant paint colors or wallpaper in unexpected areas to freshen up your space,” he says. “You can expect to see more vacation-vibe designs with island greenery and wallpaper that incorporates nature.”

5. Incorporating Texture

Delyse and Jon Berry, the founders of real estate and design studio Upstate Down, predict that wallpaper will work alongside other finishes to add texture.

“We’re loving all the texture and depths that can be created with wall treatments—even in monochromatic or simple spaces,” says the duo. “Wallpaper is a great way to bring a space to life and create incredible depth.”  

HaoHome Wood Peel and Stick Wallpaper Self Adhesive Removable Wall Covering Decorative Vintage Wood Faux Vinyl
Wood Peel and Stick Wallpaper Self-Adhesive Removable

We also heard from designer Grey Joyner, who agrees that texture on the wall makes for fun design. “Faux textures, like a plaster look or even a faux wood-grained wallpaper, are so much fun to experiment with,” she says. “I recently used a wood veneer wallpaper, and it took a kitchen to a whole new level of warmth.”

Designer Cherie Lee added that she can’t wait to see natural fibers such as grass, cloth, hessian wallpaper, and cane effect wallpapers. “They can add texture and layering to a room in a less expensive way,” she says. “Wallpaper can be a simple way to add texture, and you can use it on inserts or joinery or walls.”

Custom 3D Mural Environment Friendly Bedroom Wallpaper Abstract Plant Flower Big Leaves Home Interior Decoration Wall
Custom 3D Mural Environment Friendly Bedroom Wallpaper Abstract Plant Flower

6. ‘Jumping’ Off the Walls

As people look toward bold uses of pattern in 2023, the Berrys suggest we’ll see this move from our walls to other parts of our rooms. “We will see wallpaper prints jump off our walls and get incorporated into more upholstery,” they tell us.

“Although wallpaper and upholstery prints have been thought of as a traditional style, wait and see how these prints will be incorporated into a multitude of interior styles—it will be thoughtful and impactful,” they share.

7. Seeing All-Things Earth Tones

Across the board, designers predict that warmer earth tones will be all the rage in 2023 wallpaper designs.

BoCun Brown Wood Peel And Stick Self Adhesive Wallpaper Wood Plank Wall Stickers For Countertop Cabinet 1
Brown Wood Wallpaper

“Everything is warming up and moving more toward earthy colors around the home,” Gena Kirk, VP of the design studio for KB Home, says.  “Universally attractive warm tones like caramels, mid-tone browns, mushroom, and terracotta offer an inviting and welcoming atmosphere.”

8. Wallpapering Ceilings

“Your ceiling is a continuation of your walls,” the Berrys share. “Don’t be afraid to run your wallpaper up your walls and across your ceilings, or do a treatment on the ceiling that will compliment your wallpaper.”

Designer Bradley Odom agrees. “Over the next year, we plan on using wallpaper on ceilings more often,” he notes. “We like to use a paper that adds warmth, texture, and movement over a distinctive pattern. It adds depth to a room without stealing the spotlight.”

9. Mood-Lifting Colors

“Wallpaper can direct the mood of a room, and after the past few years, color is taking a front seat,” McGraw says. “We all want to feel happy, and yellow is really on the upswing. Salmon and pinks are also mood elevators.”

Custom Photo Wall paper 3D Embossed Retro Banana Leaf Large Mural Living Room Bedroom Luxury Wallpaper 1
3D Embossed Retro Banana Leaf Large Mura lWall paper

10. Returning to Retro

For a while, wallpaper felt old-fashioned and dated. But as designer Stephanie Lindsey of Etch Design Group says, people are leaning back into the classics now. “We are seeing classic patterns and colors come into play,” she says. “With retro elements coming back into style, wallpaper complements that as well.”

Kirk notes that she’s also seeing wallpaper call back to other eras, too: “This this time in Baroque and Art Deco designs, large-scale geometrics, and abstracts modern patterns.” 

Grey Purple BrownWhite Embossed Damask Wallpaper Bedroom Living room Background Floral Pattern 3D Textured Wall Paper
Embossed Damask Wallpaper

11. Trying Bordered Designs

Joyner says that we’ll see more bordered wallpaper in 2023. “I love that the use of bordered wallpaper is coming back,” she says. “One way I am seeing it done (and absolutely love) is around doors and all moldings—chair railings, crown, and base. This can give a project such a fabulous, finished look and is a great way to add a pop of color into a room.”

12. Wallpapering Foyers

As foyers are the gateway to your home, they should be standout. “Foyers often have interesting architectural details, whether that be archways or a circular layout, that wallpaper can highlight,” Odom says. “In addition, it can set an overarching tone that connects the disparate rooms of the rest of the house.”

“Murals are still gaining traction and the best place to use these is on large walls like an entryway,” Joyner agrees. “This ensures that the effect doesn’t get lost and that you can actually step back and admire the entirety of the design.”

Custom Photo Wallpaper Black And White Forest Mural European Retro Hand Painted Line Rainforest Jungle Painting
Black And White Forest Mural European Retro Hand Painted Wallpaper

13. Adding Stripes in All Widths

Designer Cat Dal says that she predicts we’ll see more stripes in 2023. “Stripes are making a comeback: they can be thinly placed, widely placed, thick and then thin,” she explains. “We will be using them in a modern sense with more of a contemporary, modern feel.”

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